Menus and Navigation

To start building your website menus go ahead to "Navigation". 

Each theme includes the following navigation menus:

- Main menu (found at the top of the page)

- Footer (found at the bottom)

Note: Additional navigation menus or "link lists" could be created and added to the website side bar from the Theme settings.

To start editing any of those menus, click on the name of the menu.

Inside the edit page we can add, remove, edit, and re-order the menu links as we please. To remove the current menu links, click on the trash bin button on the right of each link.

To start adding new links click on the "Add a link" button each time you need to create an additional link.

For each link, enter the name of the link you want to appear on the menu. Using the dropdown menu, you get to choose whether the link goes to:

- Homepage

- Category

- All Categories Page

- Page (a page on your website).

- Web Address (any link inside or outside your website).

Once you are done adding your links, make sure you press "Save".



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