Video Listings Customization

The homepage features several videos listing widgets. Here are some of the ways we can customize them:

1. Re-arrange categories

2. Show/Hide Categories

3. Customize Category Video Listing

4. Customize the "New Videos" Section

5. Customize Video Info

Rearrange Categories

The order in which categories are shown on the homepage is the same as the way they are ordered in the Categories Page. 

To start rearranging the categories, go to Categories.

Inside the categories page we are shown the list of categories that we can easily rearrange by dragging and dropping categories in the desired order.

Once you are done rearranging the categories, make sure you press "Save".

Show/Hide Categories

If you want to hide certain categories from showing up on the home page, you can do this by editing each category. 

Inside the Category page, each category has it's "published" and "featured" status displayed next to the Category page.

Click on "edit".

Inside the Category page, scroll down until you reach the "Visibility" section.

If you unchecked the "published" box, the category will be set to "unpublished" and all videos inside this category will be hidden from the website completely.

If you unchecked the "featured" box, the category will be set to "unfeatured" and the category will be hidden only from the homepage featured videos. 

After you are done, click "Save".

Let's return to the Categories page again.

You should see the changes that you previous made reflected on the status next to the Category name.

Customize Category Video Listing

If you want to change the number of videos shown under each featured category, and how to sort videos, you can do so by going to Settings and then clicking on Homepage.

Now scroll till you reach the "Featured Category Sections".

From there you can change the number of featured videos to any number between 3 and 20.

Also you start sorting videos by:

  • Recently Added
  • Vidmy Views (views from your site)
  • Source Views (ex: view on YouTube)
  • Vidmy Likes
  • Source Likes
  • Featured (shows videos marked as featured)
  • Most Commented (not counting Facebook comments)
  • Random

Once you are done making the necessary changes, press "Save".

Customize the "New Videos" Section

In addition to having all the featured categories on the homepage, there is also a special video listing widget title "New Video" which lists the latest published videos.

To start customizing click on Settings and then click on Homepage, just like we did previously. This time scroll down till you reach the "New Videos Section".

There you will see that you have the ability to sort videos by:

- Recently Added

- Vidmy views

- Source views

- Vidmy Likes

- Source Likes

- Featured

- Most Commented

- Random

You can set the number of videos to show in that particular section and give it a custom title as well.

Once you are done making the necessary changes, press "Save".

Customize Video Details

Featured videos on the homepage appear as thumbnails along with details that you can customize or simply hide.

To start customizing the video details to go Settings and then click on Videos.

Under the "Video Listing Details" you can pick the video statistics source. You can either pick "Source stats" or "Vidmy stats". If you pick Source Stats, the video views and likes shown on the homepage will be the ones from the video source (YouTube, Facebook, etc..).

Note that Source stats only appears on the homepage, and once a user goes to the video page, they will be shown Vidmy stats, which represents the likes and views each video has from your website only.

Once you pick the data source, you can pick which detail to show by checking the box next to the detail name.



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