Adding YouTube Videos

To start Importing YouTube videos click on the "Add Videos" button at the top of the Admin Page.

Upon reaching the "Add Videos" page, you are presented with several YouTube import options.

Import Single Video

If you simply want to import a single video that you have the URL to, simply insert the URL into the text box and click "Import".

Before the video is published to the website, you get to edit the Video's title and text description.

Select a category from the dropdown menu, and then click "Add Video". 

Bulk Import from Search Results/Channel/Playlist

The "Import from Search Results" is a powerful feature allows you to import from the same videos that you would see if you were searching on YouTube, making curating content a breeze.

You can search using any combination of the following:

  • Keywords
  • Time Range
  • Category
  • Feeds (Relevance, Most Viewed, Published, and Rating)

Alternatively, if you have a particular playlist or YouTube channel in mind, you can easily start importing videos using the "Import from Channel" and "Import from Playlist" features.

Upon clicking on search, you are presented with the first page of your search results.

If you want to publish all the videos on the current page under one category, simply select the category from the "Auto populate results with this category", click "Select All", then click "Add Videos."

Alternatively, you can select videos one at a time using the check box, as well as edit each video's title, category, description and assigned tags.

To view a video before deciding to select it, simply click on the video thumbnail.

Once are done selecting videos and editing their details, go ahead to the next page for more results. If you are done with adding videos, click on "Add Videos".



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