Adding Google Adsense

Vidmy supports adding third party scripts and that includes Google Adsense Advertising scripts.

If you still don't have a Google Adsense account, you can learn more from here:

After you created your ad unit on Google Adsense and have your code ready, go ahead to the Advertisements page.

The next step is to start by inserting the Google Adsense code. Click on the   (pen symbol) for the Ad slot you want to activate. Insert the Advertisement Code, select the pages you want it to appear, select "Active this advertisement" and finally click "Submit".

Now the Advertisement should start appearing on the website, specifically, on the pages that you selected to have the page appear on.

Note: The order in which sidebar ads appear can be customized from the Theme customization page using drag-and-drop to move one side bar before the other.


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