Website Title and Logo

All website design templates feature the website logo, or website name in text if you don't have a logo to feature, at the top of the page.


To set the text tile that appears on your website if you don't have an image logo uploaded go to Settings. Under the "General" tab you will find the "Site Name" section. 


If instead you want to set an image logo, you can do so by customizing your currently active theme.

 Go to "Themes" and then click on "Customize" for the theme you want.

Inside the theme's page, click on the "Logo and Favicon" bar for the settings to appear.

Now select "Custom uploaded image" so that. Make sure you follow the recommended resolution for the selected theme.

Now it's time to uploaded the logo image. Click on "Choose File" and select the image logo from your computer.

Click on "Save" and make sure you receive a confirmation message that the changes has taken effect.

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