Themes Layout Explained

A typical website layout will contain the following:

1- Logo or Text Name

2- Navigation

3 - Slider

4 - Body

5 - Sidebar

6 - Footer 

The body (left-side) and sidebar (right-side) sections are divided into different sections which are referred to as Widgets, as shown in the image below.

The body area typically contains video listing widgets, each dedicated to displaying videos from a particular category, with the exception of the "New Videos" listing widget, which displays the latest videos from all categories. If you want to hide/show certain categories or want to change the order they appear in, you can do so from the Categories page in the Admin Panel.

The sidebar area contains the several widgets including:

- Category Page Links

- Search Videos

- Submit Videos

- Popular Videos

- Featured Videos

If want to re-arrange the order widgets are shown inside the sidebar, you can do so from the Theme Customization Page for particular theme you are editing.

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