Selecting and Editing Themes

To view the currently selected Theme, first go to "Themes".

Different themes come with different layouts, styles, and sliders. The currently activate theme is highlighted using the green "Active" box.

When moving the mouse over any of the themes, you are given the option to start Customizing it or to view a Demo of the website.

To use a particular theme, you first need to start customizing it by clicking on the "Customize" button.

Inside the Theme Customization page will you find the various customization options divided into different section. Click on any of the tabs to expand the corresponding section and see the options under it, and click if you need to hide them.

Most themes have their customization options divided into the following groups:

  • General
  • Header & Navigation
  • Buttons
  • Logo & Favicon
  • Home Page Slider
  • Slide Column
  • Video Share
  • Social Media 
  • Footer
  • Page Background


The general section contains the appearance settings for the most common parts of the website. 

To begin changing the color of any of the settings click on the color box and the color palette will appear.

Pick a color from the color palette and adjust the brightness/darkness levels from the bar on the right, then press close when you are done.

From the General section you can change the "Content Background", not to be confused with "Page Background" (below content background but covering the entire page) which can be changed from the Page Background tab.

Opacity is a number that controls color transparency, with 10 being fully visible and 0 being completely transparent.

The Video Thumbnails Borders allows you to frame the video preview images with the color, thickness, and roundness that you prefer.

Logo & Favicon

In this section you get to set whether you want to show an image or simply use plain text for the website logo. Make sure to follow the recommended image dimensions for optimal appearance.

You also get to set the Favicon which is the little icon that appears right next to a website URL in a browser or when creating a bookmark. Favicon size are 32x32 pixels and use the .ico extension.

Note: The upload process starts after you click save, so it might take a few more seconds before the confirmation message appears. This also means you can only see how the image logo looks like on the website after you press save ("Preview" before saving option won't show the image).

Header & Navigation

The header & navigation section allow you to customize the the color settings of your top area menus. In some themes this tab is simply referred to as "Navigation".

Navigation found in other areas on the side, such as the footer or the sidebar follow the settings set inside their corresponding area. For example, setting the color for the navigation links at the footer area can be done by changing the Links color setting inside the Footer tab.


If you want to customize the appearance of your theme's buttons such as the search button or the login button, you can do so here.



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