Add Custom Domain Name

In addition to the free <your-site-name> domain, you can also use any domain name you currently own for your website.

In order for this to work, you need to have your domain pointing towards Vidmy's IP address using what is known as an A record. 

Since the exact instructions vary from one domain name provider to the other, you should look for instructions on how to edit the A Record on your domain name provider. Here are some instruction links for some of the popular services:

After getting to your domain's DNS settings page, we will be adding/editing an A record to Point to Vidmy servers.

If you want your primary domain name to point to your website, for example,, create/edit the hostname with the symbol "@".

If you want your a sub-domain name to point to your website, for example,, then creat a hostname with the sub-domain name (ex: videos)

For the "Point to" address write

This is an example from GoDaddy after the "@" A record has been adjusted. 

If you want to have your Vidmy website under a subdomain instead, leave your "@" hostname as it is, and create a name record with hostname resembling the subdomain ex: "videos".

Please note that while updating the A record usually take effect in a few minutes, sometimes it could take much longer depending on your domain name host. 

While we wait for your domain name to start pointing at Vidmy, let's go ahead to the Domains & DNS Page.

Click on the "Add a domain you already own" button and enter the domain name you want to use for the website and then press "OK".

Our system will check if your domain name has started to point towards our servers, after which the domain name will be added to the Domains table along its current DNS status.

If the DNS says "Failed", it means that the domain name is has not yet started pointing to Vidmy servers.

Tip: To check the current A record (where your site is currently pointing) go to The following screenshots shows the domain name after it started pointing to our server's IP Address.

Note: While normally the A record change should take effect in a few minutes, sometimes it could take up to 48 hours. If the change is taking too long start contacting your domain name provider for support. To learn more on why it could take so long, read this article on What factors affect DNS propagation time?

After the A record starts to take effect, the DNS status will show "OK". 

The Primary domain is the domain to which all other domain names redirect to. After you have added your custom domain name, make sure to click "Make this my primary domain" so that your free Vidmy domain name (ex: redirects to your custom domain ( and not the opposite.

If you have more domain names that you want to all redirect to your Vidmy website, we support adding up to 3 domain names.

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