Managing User Video Submissions

The video sharing feature allows your site visitors to easily submit videos to your site. This is a great way to turn your passive audience into a community of content curators.

Submitting videos is quite easy. Here is an example of a site visitor submitting a video link and editing the video title and category before finally submitting.


This great feature gives you the flexibility of controlling who is allowed to submit videos, and whether submissions require approval before being published.

For adjusting those settings, first go to the Settings page.

Inside the Videos tab you will find the Video sharing settings.

Make changes to who is allowed to submit videos to the website from the dropdown menu.

Leave the "Approve shared videos before publishing?" unchecked will allow any website visitor to submit videos to the website that will immediately show up on the website. The user gets to 

Alternatively, if you want to approve videos before being published, you can check the box next to "Approve shared videos before publishing?". Now, whenever a user submits a video, they will have to wait for the Admin's approval.

Videos that are pending approval appear under "Unpublished" inside the Videos Page. To view them, simply go to the Videos page and click "Filter by" and select "Unpublished".

To approve those videos, First select the videos you want to publish using the check box. If you selected only one video, click on the "Bulk action" button to show the bulk actions. From the Actions dropdown menu select "Publish" and then finally click "Ok".

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